Welcome & Come on In!!

Welcome & come on in!!!

I feel that when you purchase pottery from me you are inviting me into your home. I keep this in mind as I make each and every piece. From the time I spend forming and shaping each piece as well as the time spent glazing, I am always trying to envision how the pot will fit into your home. How will the piece be used? What memories will it stir up? What memories will be created for your family? 

I strive to make products from clay that are fun for you to use but are also beautiful. But at the same time I hope using my pottery brings back cherished memories of visiting Grandma and mixing potato salad in her large, but well used, stoneware bowl. Or, of sitting on the back porch sipping ice tea poured from Mom's huge stoneware pitcher. 

While many of my products are traditional in shape, my large salad bowls for example, I glaze them in fun, modern colors such as reds, purples and oranges.  Are you a traditionalist in your heart?? Not to worry I offer products in more traditional stoneware colors such as blue and tans.


"I first met Ann several years ago as we were vendor neighbors at a local art show. Since I love hand thrown pottery, I was immediately attracted to her soothing colors and interesting glazes.

We have continued to keep in touch and I am always excited to see what new items she has worked on; in the last few years I have seen her experiment and grow as an artist and I am the proud owner of several pieces  - some of my favorites are her beautiful bowls in earthy browns and greens. Her eye for texture, form and color in utilitarian pieces is matched only by her generous and giving spirit." - Janis G via GMAIL 8/3/2016


All of my stoneware is food, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher safe. Stoneware can last for many generations by following a few simple guidelines.  

Please feel free to shop and as you make your selection I'll love to hear of what special moments a particular piece stirs up for you - just drop me a note.

Take Care

-Ann Augustin