Custom Orders



Looking for something special? Let's chat about it

What to Expect...

All of my custom work is done in collaboration with the customer. Before agreeing to a customer project we will have a chat so that I can fully understand what you are looking for. Once I fully understand what you want, and how it will be used, then we can discuss all the details - shape, color, timeline, cost, etc. You will also received multiple updates, including pictures along the way.

How long does it take...

Your customer pot can take up to three weeks from the time I start working on it. Creating pottery is a process that can expand over a period of weeks. Clay takes a long time to dry - often it can take up to a week. Each pot requires at least two firings. An additional firing may be necessary to create some special effects. Each firing takes approximately 36 hours to reach the max temperature and then cool down enough for me to open the kiln. 

What others are saying...

"Gave my son his present (Sake set) last eve. Oh my gosh! He absolutely loved it !!!!!! He loved it bc it was awesome but also bc it was made especially for of a kind." ~Marilyn, April 2018

"It (extra large serving bowl) looks perfect! Can't wait to pick it up! Thanks for creating something special for me!" ~Paige, April 2018

"I picked up my mugs and they are perfect! I love your work!" ~Paige, April 2018

"Love, love, husband plotted with Ann for a Valentine's treat in 3 different dish designs. I am in love with the colors and the functionality of her art." ~Rhonda, Feb 2018

"I can vouch for how awesome her mugs are! I commissioned custom mugs for my husband for Christmas and they were worth every dime!" ~Amanda, December 2017

"We just used our new coffee cups this morning and the coffee was so good!  They came out perfect.  Thanks so much." ~Harold & Elaine, October 2017

"Just picked up my cups, they are perfect!!! Thank you SO much!" ~Kristi, Sept 2017

"I just received the packages and I love love love the mugs!!! Can't wait to start using them Thanks so much for all the work you put into them. I will truly treasure these. Thank you!!!"  ~Monica, June 2017