Shared Memory

Sharing this memory from several years ago when I attended a four day workshop to expand my skills. This is my first, and only, sculpture.

After listening to the workshop leader talk about the creative process and stepping outside of your comfort zone I came up with the idea to create an image that incorporated all the best, and funniest, features of my four brothers.

It's worthwhile to note that this was a very emotional process to go through and I was unable to bring my vision to life. The baseball cap is from Albert Mueller and the overalls from Tommy Mueller. The devil horns represents all four.

What is missing is the angel's halo because I also think of all four as my angels. The parts that represent Melvin J Mueller and Dave Mueller will live forever with in my head as well as the remaining features of Albert and Tommy. In the end I left the sculpture at the studio. Looking back it was an incredible experience.

As It turns out I'm no sculptor but it was fun for a day...
Take Care