Happy Valentine's Day

Ahhhh...Valentines Day...A day of love and romance...Chocolates, Wine, Dinner... And the great romantic scene from Ghost... You know the one... Demi Moore is at the potter's wheel in a spotless studio space wearing, well not much and Patrick Swayze joins her for one of the most romantic scenes on the big screen.

I get several emails each year inquiring about a Patrick Swayze experience for Valentine's Day... Hmmm... I wouldn't mind a Patrick Swayze experience myself........Ok back to reality.

This is me in my studio space which is not heated. I wear three shirts to keep warm. You see the dirt on my shirt - nothing like what Demi is wearing. And, oh do you see the hat!!?? Romantic isn't it!!?? Patrick Swayze, or his ghost, isn't coming by any time soon!!!!!

Take Care